pills `n thrills

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Collection Kupferstichkabinett

Pills ’n Thrills, from a series of fifty watercolors

internalwaves, obudaitasarskoergallery, budapest
internalwaves, haushuthberlin, klussmann

Internal Waves

Haus Huth Berlin

Haus Huth Berlin shows Internal Waves
internalwaves, obudaitasarskoergallery, budapest

Internal Waves

Óbudai Társaskör Gallery Budapest

Internal Waves at the Obudai Tarsaskör Gallery, Budapest. Into the space is inserted a layer of blank newspapers, with a print-run for a medium-sized city. They are arranged in piles like playing cards being shuffled. Inside it is placed a seating arrangement, the inventory of the current place of exhibition. The seats are marked by different colours.
 Pills N Thrills,  Watercolor,  Heike Klussmann

Pills `n Thrills

Schloss Balmoral Bad Ems

Pills `n Thrills in Schloss Balmoral
 Heike Klussmann, marst

Ceterum Censeo

Marstall Berlin

Pills `n Thrills in the show Ceterum Censeo at Marstall Berlin