Stadt im Regal

In the exhibition “Parkhaus – Stadt im Regal,” the singular situation of the parking garage, as a multistory stack of public spaces, becomes a model for urban space. In exploring the ways Berlin has changed since 1990, images and visions of the city are elaborated and juxtaposed in the subdivided space of a parking garage. The exhibition can be viewed by car.
 Heike Klusmann,  Steg,  Parkhaus,  Stadtim Regal
 Heike Klusmann,  Steg,  Parkhaus,  Stadtim Regal


Multi-Storey Car Park – Stadt im Regal

Drive-through exhibition in the Parkhaus Behrenstraße in Berlin. A sheet of retroreflective pavement marking material cuts across the flow of traffic, extending completely across two levels of the parking structure. Flush with the pavement on the fourteenth level, on the thirteenth level it becomes a catwalk that continues beyond the facade to end in thin air.