Plywood, light reflecting surface

From a certain perspective, when the angle of view and the light’s angle of incidence coincide, the shadows cast by the cavities are washed out by reflected light, with the result that the cavities are perceived as a uniform surface.
 Heike Klusmann,  Steg,  Parkhaus,  Stadtim Regal
 Heike Klusmann,  Steg,  Parkhaus,  Stadtim Regal


Multi-Storey Car Park – Stadt im Regal

Drive-through exhibition in the Parkhaus Behrenstraße in Berlin. A sheet of retroreflective pavement marking material cuts across the flow of traffic, extending completely across two levels of the parking structure. Flush with the pavement on the fourteenth level, on the thirteenth level it becomes a catwalk that continues beyond the facade to end in thin air.